A "Carry on Cocktail"? Tell Me More! + Giveaway


Ashley Stevenson is taking the bar to new heights - literally. Her Carry on Cocktail Kits are innovative and have been specially crafted to help you get to your destination in good taste (both literally and figuratively). 

Below she shares with us a few details about herself and her brand, Honey & Soul. Read on!

Thank you so much for taking the time out for Coconut + Concrete! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm originally from Oklahoma and went to college at Southern University in Baton Rouge where I played soccer. That's where I fell in love with food. After almost 10 years there I moved back to Oklahoma. I love food, travel, exploring new cultures and just enjoying life. I own two businesses, work for an awesome airline, and currently reside in Austin, TX.


What gave you the idea for your Carry On Cocktail Kit? I love it!

The kit is actually a collaboration with another company. As I've gotten older, I don't drink to get drunk anymore but more for the appreciation of that particular cocktail. Since I travel a lot and love to start my party early I thought it would be great to have something that's chic and different in terms of how I approach my experience. I believe everything we do should be about the experience and the feeling we get while doing it. The Carry On Cocktail Kit just elevates your experience of travel and drinking.


What is a Foodie Foot Tour? Sounds yummy.

Foodie Foot Tours is actually my first baby. It's a walking food tour I own in Oklahoma City. I started it three years ago and still operate it even though I'm in Austin. Everything is on foot, all the restaurants we visit are locally owned, and we offer history of the areas we tour. When people know the history of a place and connect to it they're more likely to return.

I see a lot of folks becoming vegetarian or vegan these days. As a foodie, is that something you would consider? 

Never! I think anything can be enjoyed in moderation. One of the reasons I started my food tour was because most of the food is locally grown or from a local farm. I try to be cautious of what I eat and where it comes from so being vegan isn't something that is for me. 

I always say, if you love food you should be able to cook it too - Are you a good cook? 

I'd like to think so. My boyfriend might agree as well. I'm definitely not afraid to get in the kitchen and fail until I succeed. I will say that I make a bomb bacon wrapped meatloaf and a killer baked macaroni and cheese.


Well then can I come over for Sunday dinner?! Thanks again to Ashley for taking the time out of her busy schedule to chat with us. You can catch her on Instagram at @6footfoodie, @honeyandsoulco and @foodiefoottours.

Win your very own Carry on Cocktail Kit through our Instagram giveaway! For details and how to enter, check out our Instagram page. 

Ludacris + Eudoxie at Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia: 5 Things YOU Should Know

Anse Chastanet Beach near Jade Mountain Resort in Soufriere, St. Lucia

Anse Chastanet Beach near Jade Mountain Resort in Soufriere, St. Lucia

If my husband and I had the same means as Ludacris and Eudoxie our bae-cations would be just as spectacular (annnnd probably more frequent). Don't get me wrong; they already are fantabulous, but clearly on a different level. We do the best with what we have and we do it well, might I add. However, that next-level type of life would be nice too... I'm talking about private jets and private islands to match. 

I think they may be my favorite couple. Both seem so down-to-earth; they're definitely friends in my head. 

I think they may be my favorite couple. Both seem so down-to-earth; they're definitely friends in my head. 

I love when these two go on vacation though. I think they need to create an Instagram page just for their trips. A dedication to black love and traveling abroad. This time around, they're in St. Lucia (my husband's home and also where we wed) at the stunning Jade Mountain Resort. I REALLY wanted to stay there on our wedding night but just couldn't justify the cost. With all that being said, below are five things you should know about this bold architectural creation:

1. Expect to pay upwards of $1,200 per night (depending on the season). Meal plans are also available at an additional cost.

2. The rooms are called sanctuaries. Offering the ultimate in rest and relaxation, some of the sanctuary categories do not have televisions, radios, or telephones. Cell phone use is also prohibited in public areas and must be kept on vibrate while on the property. 

3. Upon arrival, guests receive a "firefly" communication device which allows them to contact service team members at any time. Assistance is always a quick call away.

4. All sanctuaries feature 15 ft high ceilings and are designed with the fourth wall open to amazing views while still maintaining privacy. 

Imagine waking up to this in the morning!

Imagine waking up to this in the morning!

5. This one I know from experience - Take the helicopter from the airport in Vieuxfort! I wanted to visit the resort the last time I was there so my husband and I took a short road trip. The roads aren't that bad in St. Lucia but the last 2 miles heading towards the resort are tumultuous (I remember looking out the window and seeing the sparkling blue waters about 70 ft below). I didn't think we'd make it back alive. We eventually made it to the resort (on a narrow road which snakes up the side of a cliff allowing two-way traffic), only to find out we needed an appointment to visit! 

I still want to stay there though. I need to know what sleep is like in a sanctuary with a REAL panoramic view (not that iPhone ish) on the side of a cliff overlooking the striking Pitons while the ocean crashes far below. 

One day!

One day!

Welcome Back!

It's been a while. A LONG while. Life has happened (literally! I have a 1, soon-to-be-2 year old son) and well, to be honest, it hasn't been easy trying to balance life as a mom and middle school special education teacher. Though I absolutely LOVE the Caribbean, and I always find the time to make it there (I can never stay away too long). No matter my financial situation, I will ALWAYS find a way to get to paradise; my safe haven, security blanket, place of happiness and reflection. I don't know about you, but I NEED the sun, sand and waves. I NEED to see the vibrant greens of the swaying palm trees and crystal clear turquoise waters. It just does something to my soul. It's as much a part of me as the Bronx is. Yes, I born and raised in the Bronx but I consider myself an "honorary West Indian" (via my husband, who comes from St. Lucia). 

I love island life, period. Not just what a resort can offer because most times I prefer local living. Bob Marley said it best, "We'll be together with a roof right over our heads, we'll share the shelter of my single bed". YES! Less is always more in my book. 

Restoration Weekend 2014

Looking forward to The R Weekend!

Looking forward to The R Weekend!

I'm VERY excited to say that C+C will be a part of Michelle Hargrove's 7th annual Restoration Weekend in Turks & Caicos this month. The R Weekend is a time for women to come together and restore their mind, body and soul while also embracing and inspiring the culture and lives around them. This luxurious weekend getaway is always spent at the most beautiful, tropical locales (past Weekend's have taken place in Cabo San Lucas, and the Dominican Republic). For more information visit

Stay tuned!