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A "Carry on Cocktail"? Tell Me More! + Giveaway


Ashley Stevenson is taking the bar to new heights - literally. Her Carry on Cocktail Kits are innovative and have been specially crafted to help you get to your destination in good taste (both literally and figuratively). 

Below she shares with us a few details about herself and her brand, Honey & Soul. Read on!

Thank you so much for taking the time out for Coconut + Concrete! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm originally from Oklahoma and went to college at Southern University in Baton Rouge where I played soccer. That's where I fell in love with food. After almost 10 years there I moved back to Oklahoma. I love food, travel, exploring new cultures and just enjoying life. I own two businesses, work for an awesome airline, and currently reside in Austin, TX.


What gave you the idea for your Carry On Cocktail Kit? I love it!

The kit is actually a collaboration with another company. As I've gotten older, I don't drink to get drunk anymore but more for the appreciation of that particular cocktail. Since I travel a lot and love to start my party early I thought it would be great to have something that's chic and different in terms of how I approach my experience. I believe everything we do should be about the experience and the feeling we get while doing it. The Carry On Cocktail Kit just elevates your experience of travel and drinking.


What is a Foodie Foot Tour? Sounds yummy.

Foodie Foot Tours is actually my first baby. It's a walking food tour I own in Oklahoma City. I started it three years ago and still operate it even though I'm in Austin. Everything is on foot, all the restaurants we visit are locally owned, and we offer history of the areas we tour. When people know the history of a place and connect to it they're more likely to return.

I see a lot of folks becoming vegetarian or vegan these days. As a foodie, is that something you would consider? 

Never! I think anything can be enjoyed in moderation. One of the reasons I started my food tour was because most of the food is locally grown or from a local farm. I try to be cautious of what I eat and where it comes from so being vegan isn't something that is for me. 

I always say, if you love food you should be able to cook it too - Are you a good cook? 

I'd like to think so. My boyfriend might agree as well. I'm definitely not afraid to get in the kitchen and fail until I succeed. I will say that I make a bomb bacon wrapped meatloaf and a killer baked macaroni and cheese.


Well then can I come over for Sunday dinner?! Thanks again to Ashley for taking the time out of her busy schedule to chat with us. You can catch her on Instagram at @6footfoodie, @honeyandsoulco and @foodiefoottours.

Win your very own Carry on Cocktail Kit through our Instagram giveaway! For details and how to enter, check out our Instagram page. 

My Journal: Cuba, Planning the Journey

A few weeks ago my jet-setting sistafriend sent an email to our close-knit framily (friends who are considered family) asking if anyone was down to travel with her to Cuba in May. I was immediately all in. I had been interested in visiting Cuba for as long as I could remember. I knew that the embargo had been slightly lifted but I had no idea that I, ME, could just go onto any travel search engine and book my flight. Delta and Jet Blue both have flights leaving from JFK. Delta was slightly cheaper at $288 while Jet Blue was $305. 

I decided to go with Jet Blue. 

Always looking for a steal, I usually opt for the lower price point. However, I chose Jet Blue because this wasn't just any ordinary trip. There are certain requirements for visiting Cuba: a visa, health insurance (Cuba's own) and you must determine your reason for visiting under one of the 12 generalized licenses for categories of travel. 

Jet Blue makes it easy to do this. Included in booking your ticket are the 12 categories; you simply click the box next to the one that best describes your reason for visiting (I selected "Educational/People-to-people exchange", which is what most visitors select). Keep in mind, Americans are not to be visiting Cuba as mere "tourists". 

Jet Blue will also grant you your Cuban visa the day of your departing flight at the gate for $50. Your Cuban health insurance is also included in the price of your flight, so no need to worry there. 

I decided not to go with Delta because the above mentioned requirements for getting to Cuba weren't as clear and seemingly simple. Jet Blue was very direct and precise about how they will help YOU get to Cuba as effortlessly as possible. 

Stay tuned as I keep you posted on the process.