Protective Styles for the Summer

Summer is here and to make sure you enjoy every second of it we have a list of protective styles to keep your hair healthy and growing while also giving you more time to enjoy the sun.


Box Braids: There’s nothing better than feeling like a goddess with some long box braids flowing down your back. Box braids have and will always be a go to protective style for many of us and the best part is that they come in any size or style.


Cornrows: Cornrows have come a long way and the styles are becoming more and more creative. Whether you like it braided all the way back or some crazy design, cornrows will always be a classic look for the summer.


Faux Locs: If you really want to feel the Caribbean vibes you must try faux locs for your next protective style. Whether you go with regular locs or goddess locs, you are bound to fit in during your next trip to the islands.


Twists: Senegalese twists, Marley twists, Havana twists - it’s hard to decide but it’s a no-brainer that twists are a great protective style. They take less time than box braids to install and are ten times easier to take out.


Braided Bob: Long box braids can make us feel hot and heavy in the sun so going for a shorter look just might be the trick. A quick and easy braided look that gives us 90’s vibes is the perfect choice this summer.


Colorful Braids: Summer is the best time to bust out those beautiful bright colors you’ve stored away during the colder months. Summer is truly the season to embrace the skin you're in and be the care-free unapologetic black girl you are.

(Written by Obono Mba-Madja)

Travel Smarter, Not Harder! Three things I learned about Delta Sky Miles

I'm late, seriously late on this. I've seen the posts from The Points Guy, Rachel Travels and several other travel bloggers. The messaging is always clear: Take advantage of frequent flyer programs. 

I usually conduct most of my "air business" through Jet Blue. Yesterday, I went to log in points for my recent trip to Cuba when I discovered that I had two accounts - one under my maiden name and one under my married name. Putting both of these accounts together would amount to over 11,000 Trueblue points! I immediately called and had the accounts merged. Little did I know I have enough points to book a one way flight. 

This sparked my interest in the flyer programs. I'll be heading to Riviera Maya this week on Delta and thought I might as well join their program too. Why not.

Here's what I found out:

  1. General members receive 5 miles per dollar on flight bookings (Delta Sky Miles)
  2. Book an Airbnb* through Delta (*Accommodations MUST be booked through DeltaAirbnb to receive miles). Get 1 mile for every dollar spent
  3. Delta Sky Miles Dining: There are a host of restaurants, retailers and specialty partners to get miles from. Register your debit card and you'll receive 5 miles for every dollar spent (including tax and tip!). Limited time offer: Earn up to 3,000 miles by eating at a participating restaurant, details here

Let's get these trips in ya'll!