Jade mountain

PureLuxe: A Chocolate Lover's Dream - Jade Mountain, Chocolate Festival in St. Lucia (10/10 - 10/14)

If you love chocolate AND luxury then Jade Mountain in St. Lucia has got you covered in both departments. The uber-luxe establishment is offering five full days of chocolatey goodness in October (10th to the 14th). Each day is packed with (what else?) CHOCOLATE! Enjoy a chocolate enthused cocktail party, chocolate dinner and a chocolate spa delight - just to name a few of the choclativities.

In case you don't know about the sexiness and splendor that is Jade Mountain, see below... It is a TRUE haven of luxury and nature. I've never stayed there but it is certainly on my bucket list. 


The Star Infinity Pool Sanctuary (yes, that is an OPEN WALL with a priceless view!) 


The Moon Infinity Sanctuary 


The Galaxy Infinity Sanctuary 


Happy Travels!!