A Caribbean Oasis in a Can: Meet Leah Williams


I met Leah Williams via email, the creator of Mimi's Treats Boutique LLC, several years ago. As you may or may not know, I used to manage a successful blog for all things related to natural hair and beyond entitled Honey Brown Sugar. Leah had reached out to me with a question about her hair and I sent her back my best response. Can you believe that she STILL has that email?! Perfect example of why you should always put your best self forward. 

Fast forward to the present where I discovered one of Leah's products, the organic Pina Soothing Balm ($5). I purchased one and was so pleasantly surprised at how sweet smelling and rich the balm was. I use it for my hands and my lips as well!


How did the name of your brand, "Mimi's Treats" come to be? 

When I began sewing I would create little outfits for my niece, Yasmin ("Mimi" is her nickname). Once I perfected my craft, I started making things for others and wanted to label them. I created a “play store” and decided I wanted to name it after my niece. When I had my twins I knew I wanted to include them in my store so I named my clothing line, Joliyah Designs, after them, Josiah and Aaliyah. 

A glimpse of Leah's stunning creations in her online boutique

A glimpse of Leah's stunning creations in her online boutique

How long have you had your shop on Etsy?

I opened my first Etsy in November 2017 under the domain name Mimi’s TREAT Boutique. At that time Mimi’s TREATS wasn’t available. I didn’t realize that I had already obtained that domain in 2013! I reopened the shop under the new domain and new name Mimi’s Treats Boutique, LLC in January 2018.

Tell us about your Coco Pina Soothing Balm: What was your inspiration for creating it?

I love the Caribbean! 1/2 of family is Cuban so it’s in my blood! Being in both education and healthcare at different stages of my career I found that hand washing dries out hands terribly. I wanted a compact resolution that could easily hide in a pocket and be pulled out when needed. Because I love all things yummy I wanted it to smell tropical so when applying you could escape your day and your senses could travel to a Caribbean oasis!

Will there be more body care products in the future?

My main focus is children’s apparel and accessories but in the fall I will restock my Mama’s Shea Butta Soothing Cream. This is an all natural, essential oil packed emollient cream that seals in moisture to reduce the drying out of skin during the harsh winter months. 

What are some of your bestselling items?

Currently my Joliyah Designs Unicorn Backpack has been my biggest, continuous seller!! A perfect personalized gift for the back to school season!! I also design award winning pageant dresses and those have been a hit during this pageant season as well.

Leah Williams, the creative behind her very own Mimi's Treats Boutique LLC

Leah Williams, the creative behind her very own Mimi's Treats Boutique LLC

Thank you so much Leah! Our lovely Luxe 2018 ladies will be receiving a sample in their gift bags in St. Lucia. If you're interested in purchasing the Pina Soothing Balm or any of Leah's other items, click here