Naturalicious Beauty: The 30 Minute Wash & Go

Gwen Jimmere, founder of Naturalicious Beauty

Gwen Jimmere, founder of Naturalicious Beauty

Coconut + Concrete recently sat down and chatted with Naturalicious Beauty, created by Gwen Jimmere after losing her job and going through a tumultuous divorce. Naturalicious is a great option for those of us going on vacation too; Need your wash and go to truly be a wash and GO (so that you can truly go and enjoy the sun?) Check this out then... 

Please spill the tea! How does Naturalicious cut down a wash and go styling time from 5 hours to 30 minutes?!

Naturalicious is all about saving time. Styling your hair from start to finish shouldn't be hard, right? Our Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System is the only sulfate, paraben, mineral oil, petroleum, gluten, and cruelty-free line of products that actually reduces the time it takes to complete your hair care routine. We do this by combining the work of 12 products into just 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment cleanses, conditions, detangles, deep conditions, and does the work of a leave-in conditioner.

  • Step 2: Moisture Infusion Styling Creme is a moisturizer, styling creme, and heat protectant.

  • Step 3: Divine Shine Moisture Lock + Frizz Fighter works as a sealant, finishing oil, and hot oil treatment for defining those curls.


The Naturalicious brand is steadily growing, are your products still made by hand?

Yes, all of the products are still made by hand and produced in Detroit, MI.

What is your number one selling product (the absolute MUST HAVE item)?

The absolute MUST HAVE item would be our Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System! We recommend that you use the entire line for best results.

What advice would you give to those stuck in a corporate job desiring to become a full-time entrepreneur?
Let your job be your first investor. Dedicate a very specific percentage of your salary to funding and growing your business -- say, 10-15% or more if you can afford it. Use your job while you can for all the benefits: sick days, health care, personal days etc. Because once you transition out of the job, it’s all on you -- no more paid days off and no more lower cost health benefits. By using your salary to fund the business, you should have enough to cover these expenses, plus a business that’s up and running by the time you venture out on your own.

Any plans to open up a storefront shop?

No, we don’t have plans for a storefront. We are primarily sold online on our website but we will be available in a very popular, national store chain come Winter 2018, so stay tuned!

Follow Naturalicious Beauty on Instagram, @naturalicious_beauty

Follow Naturalicious Beauty on Instagram, @naturalicious_beauty

Major thanks to the team at Naturalicious Beauty, wishing them much success in all of their endeavors!  

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