Soca and The Socalyst: 5 Questions with Krystel

Before and after Jouvert in Toronto #caribana

Before and after Jouvert in Toronto #caribana

On Instagram we've got a TON of beauty influencers, hair mavens and travel pages, but The Socalyst offers something entirely different. And she's in a lane all her own.

The Caribbean isn't just a place to go, its a culture and an entire lifestyle. Aside from the beautiful beaches and pristine waters, the Caribbean is home to some amazing food, people and music. Soca, being one of the most popular sounds to come from the West Indies, plays an integral part in island culture. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with The Socalyst (@thesocalyst) who covers everything related to the popular musical genre on her Soca-influenced Instagram page. 

Krystel and our beloved Uncle Ellis #raytaytay

Krystel and our beloved Uncle Ellis #raytaytay

How did The Socalyst begin? How long have you had your page? (I feel like I've been following you since Instagram started!)

The Socalyst was an idea I sat on for a few years, to nervous to act on it. I attended a lot of fetes in my day and always thought why aren't people giving our artists and music more shine, so I wanted to do something about that. One day I decided to stop procrastinating and buy the domain name and so The Socalyst was born (it was initially a blog based off of a fan's perspective - still is in a way). From there I would post my thoughts on different happenings in the industry, new music releases, post performances from fetes I went to and so on. People started following, artists started reposting and that's how I gained a following. The Socalyst has been around for 3 years but it feels like I just started yesterday. I have so much more to accomplish but I've come a long way in 3 years and I've been blessed with amazing opportunities that I am so grateful for. 

For anyone who might be wondering and considering starting a musically influenced brand; what are the perks of managing a successful entertainment/lifestyle brand?

Perks?!? Hmmm I've met and interviewed icons in the industry, I've traveled to beautiful places, I get invites to great events, I've hosted for one of the biggest television networks in the Caribbean and so much more. But more importantly to me though, I am extremely passionate about my culture and everything it entails. I want the world to know more about our Caribbean entertainers and Soca music, see the joy in it and love it as much as I do. I believe the biggest perk for me is being able to do my part and give Soca and the artists another platform to be showcased on and be brought to the masses in another way. Honestly, it isn't easy being a blogger. At times, trying to keep people's attention and even getting content to put out there is hard work. I keep pushing because I see the bigger picture; being able to have fun along the way is an added bonus. I can't tell you how amazing it feels when I meet someone that follows me and they tell me how much they like what I'm doing and to keep it going. It's greatly appreciated because at the end of the day all I want is to bring my culture and my people as a whole to a new level and allow us to shine brighter than ever. 

On set

On set

Do you have a Caribbean background?

I do! I am from the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, my entire family is from there. 

What's your favorite carnival location?

Well I haven't been to them all but Trinidad would be my favorite. A little biased maybe, but Trinidad Carnival is something everyone should experience at least once in their adult life. 

And just for kicks: Machel or Bunji?? 

Oh boy now you're trying to get me in trouble lol. I've had the pleasure of meeting them both and they were very humble and welcoming. I'm a huge fan of theirs individually. I can't choose, please don't make me. *hides face behind hands* 


Okay, alright, we'll take that! I agree though - I do love them both myself! Thanks so much to Krystel and her brand, The Socalyst. I love what she is doing and wish her much success! 


Are you a Soca-head?