Vacation + Sexual Harassment

"Hey Sexy..."

"What's your name? Why're you eating by yourself?"

"Hey pretty - What that room number be?!"

All of the above are phrases I've heard on vacation. Just recently too. While in Mexico for the Parlour Magazine Travelfly Solo trip another group (which shall remain nameless) had overbooked at The Hard Rock and was using our resort, Unico 2087 as back up. This sort of tainted my experience because whenever I stepped out of my room I was putting myself at risk of being harassed. 

The first time it happened I was walking to the beach and I heard a man say "hey sexy" from one of the balconies overlooking the pool area. I can remember thinking, "I know that's not what I'm hearing", when he said it again. I ignored it and continued on my way.

The next day we experienced a torrential down pour which had most of us stuck inside of our rooms. When the rain stopped I walked over to the restaurant where the buffet lunch was served. Inside it sounded like a stadium; a group of men (black, older, fraternity - you get the picture) were taking shots. Now, I understand they were having fun. But this resort isn't for THAT kind of fun. Unico 2087 is a laid back, spa-based, relaxation resort. It's not the Hard Rock by any means. 

All I wanted to do was eat my food, go back to my room and get ready for my excursion. But no: While I'm eating, an older man (who looked like he could be my dad) felt the need to ask me my name, am I traveling alone and why was I eating by myself. I was really trying to be polite and short; hoping he'd get the point and leave me alone. I didn't want to talk and I sure didn't want his company. His friend that was with him got the message and they both ended up moving away. 

Let me stop here and say that at NO time should any woman ever feel obligated to speak to a "stranger". She should not fear being labeled "stuck up", "boujee", or "conceited" just because she didn't want to talk. It is her choice. 

I was on vacation. No, I did not want to be bothered. I did not want to be around the riff-raff. I didn't come to Mexico to "party". I don't know why this party group was sent to Unico. To be completely honest, I didn't even want the association. Other guests and staff saw us beautiful, brown, melanated women and automatically assumed we were all part of the same group. I really wanted to yell "WE'RE NOT ALL LIKE THAT!"

What actually put the nail in the coffin was when I returned from my excursion. It was about 8:30 pm and I was walking back to my room (on the resort grounds) and I passed a group of guys and heard "hey pretty - what that room number be?", I started to stop and give him a serious piece of my mind but instead I just kept walking. I was tired, my bag was heavy and I really just wanted to take a shower. I'd be meeting my friends for dinner at 9.

By this time I was now prepared and ready to go OFF if I had to encounter any other rude and sexually suggestive comments. I felt sorry for the guy who would feel my wrath. 

That never happened though, and as I always say - everything happens for a reason. I was leaving the next day and after my departure I heard things got a bit more raunchier. 

I'll end this by saying I absolutely LOVED Unico 2087, and would definitely revisit for a truer experience. What I didn't like or appreciate was The Hard Rock Hotel sending their savage leftovers. 

Have you ever experienced harassment on vacation? Tell me about it below.