Fear of Flying: Facing the Facts

Are you missing out on an amazing vacation because you're afraid to fly?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm afraid of flying. I love to travel though so it's something that I'm able to push to the back of my mind and just do. I would've never been able to claim my "16 and Counting" motto had I been too afraid to step onto an airplane. My footprints would've never been left on the sands of those 16 islands if I let my fears get in the way. 

A few years ago my job at a popular beauty brand required me to travel a lot. We would travel at least once a month to Florida. It was then that I realized I REALLY needed to face my fear of turbulence and the unknown of just being in the air. Being on a hunkering piece of metal thousands of feet in the air is a scary thought. 

I faced my fear by educating myself. Most people are afraid of what they don't know; fear of the unknown. According to Dr. Martin N. Seif ("Freedom to Fly Now" workshop): 

Step onto the airplane with knowledge.
Anxiety thrives on ignorance, and feeds off “what if?” catastrophic thoughts. But once you become knowledgeable, your “what if?” thoughts are limited by the facts. Become familiar with the facts. They will not eliminate your anxiety, but they will help you manage it.

This concept has helped me immensely. Over the next few days we will explore the facts so that you can finally ditch that fear and hop on board a flight to your dream destination.