My Time: Nassau, Part 3

That evening we ended up connecting with T again. I can't remember how, I think one of my friends had kept his contact information. We were going to "his" club. We were picked up in the limo and brought to it. I remember thinking that it was really nice, and that if it was a club in NY it would be a hot spot. However, this club was empty. Besides the workers we were the only partygoers in the club. Weird, but okay. I figured maybe it was new and people didn't know about it yet.

The lounge area was pretty huge. Two open concept floors with beds and pillows as seating and curtains (I think there was a Moroccan theme going on). From the second floor you could look down over the dance floor and the bar. My friends were having a ball; dancing on the bars, singing - you name it. Of course, me, Paranoid Penelope didn't feel right. Something didn't seem right about this place or him. A few of us sat around trying to decide what to make of the place. Again, I wasn't really enjoying myself.

The next day on the beach, we're all laying out on the beach laughing and talking about the events taken place so far when a man approaches us. He begins by making small talk, asking us how we're enjoying ourselves, where we're from, etc. Then the conversation changes. He identifies himself as an FBI agent, hands one of my friends his card and tells us to be careful around T. He tells us T is under investigation for money laundering and that he's originally from Turks & Caicos but conducts illegal business in the Bahamas. He told us that's why the club was empty - he doesn't need to fill a club for profit.

We were speechless and shocked, though his news only confirmed my suspicions. We didn't see much of T after that FBI visit.

The remainder of our trip was great; we hit up the Friday night fish fry (Some of the BEST food I've ever had - definitely worth a trip back) and played with dolphins.

"Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller" -Ibn Battuta