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The Carry-On Crisis: 5 Ways to Pack (Hair Products Included!) For a Short Trip

A short trip can be anywhere from an overnight stay to a few days (3 to 4 nights). Ladies, we all know our hair products prevent us from not only packing light but it also stops us from packing a carry-on bag as well. I’ve found the solution.

  1. Pack products that you only need to use a little bit of. I have been using my Moisture Love Minis for a few months now. This is one of my favorite wash and go stylers that gives me long-lasting results. Try it and see for yourself: Get %15 off using code COCO15

  2. Save small tubs and jars. Whenever my face cream runs out, I clean out the little tub it comes in and save it for when I travel. I’ll use it to put a gel or cream in it.

  3. Those little travel kits with the empty bottles also come in handy. I’m in love with this one from Amazon for only $11. Place your shampoo, conditioner or body lotion in it (or anything else you may need).

  4. Toss the shower gel! Pack a bar of soap like this Oshun Honey Soap from Natural Roots NYC ($4). Adds moisture and softness to skin without the harsh ingredients (which is very necessary if you’ll be traveling to a tropical destination).

  5. Oh and last but not least: ROLL YOUR CLOTHES and put them in packing cubes! Can’t stress this one enough. I LOVE my packing cubes and you can get your own here (These are a MUST HAVE and a major hack to packing a carry-on suitcase).

Now save that checked bag fee and get yourself a drink or two on the flight ;-)